Webinars - MT2 Season 3

Minerva's Two Minute Tactics returns for Season Three. An introduction and a reminder that small changes can have a big impact.
Episode Two is all about the value of feedback, references, and getting someone's honest opinion!
What links running and procurement? No, it's not the first line of a joke! Find out more in Episode 3!
An oldie, but a goodie...!
Every now and again we face what seems like an insurmountable challenge. So how do we achieve success?
What a waste!
I want to break free... Lorraine talks terms and conditions.
Practice makes perfect...
Lorraine's out at a swanky 'do'!
We're off to the races...
Determination will get you through anything. Lorraine proves it in Episode Eleven.
Golden advice on contract renewals
Are you prepared?
Thinking ahead to Brexit
Plan ahead for first class procurement and spend your time wisely!
Size matters...
Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!
How much does your loyalty cost?
A few words of advice on contract lengths
Looking after the pennies!
Are you an adrenaline junkie?
Is it fit for purpose?
Ring ring!
Cup of tea anyone?
Don't monkey around!
Whoops! We made a mistake!
Look out for this clause in your photocopier contracts...
What do you need to do about water deregulation? Lorraine has a few ideas...
Too much to do? Have you tried frogs?
Have you considered 'scarcity' when it comes to your procurement?
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